Since being diagnosed with leaky gut, candida, anxiety, hypothyroidism and hemochromatosis, I started researching, reading and trying different approaches to health, weight loss and healing. I experimented with it all: vegetarianism, elimination diet, cabbage soup diet, low carb, calorie restriction. I worked out everyday and sometimes twice a day, started yoga, pilates, running, spinning, dancing, and lifting weights. I even did colonics and acupuncture. Each journey taught me something new about myself and my body.

It was through those journeys, research, testing and healing that I found my passion for nutrition and how it heals the body. I wanted to share what I had learned with others to help them improve their quality of life.

I am in the health and wellness industry to change lives for the better!  There is a certain confidence, energy, positivity, and self-esteem that happens when you choose to exercise and eat a healthy diet. An emotional balance is created and mental clarity peaks. It is a definite confidence builder when you are finally able to do what you have been talking about for so long.

Let’s make the life of your dreams a reality!