When I started my six month program I wanted to drink more water and eat healthier foods. In addition, I knew I wanted to take better care of myself by exercising and getting more quality sleep. Renee helped me achieve my goals by sending me recipes and offering alternatives to some of my food choices. She continued to educate me with articles on sleep, clean eating, and exercise routines.

Renee was very encouraging and supportive, and always positive. In my times of struggle she always helped me get back on track. Her knowledge and thorough guidance has helped me to eliminate my sugar and carbohydrate cravings. I have lost weight, and people have noticed (and commented)!

These days, my mindset is different. I no longer feel like it is a chore or a challenge to take good care of myself. I enjoy it!

I keep Renee’s cards on display at my day spa, and would recommend her program to anyone wanting to make a healthy lifestyle change.

Kim Mills, age 42
Myrtle Beach, SC
Owner of Lazy Daisy Spa


Renee is a knowledgeable, understanding, and empathetic coach.  She helped me to work towards a more balanced diet, increase my energy, and learn about what foods work best for my body.  Renee identified my concerns and addressed them from an educational standpoint, which allowed me to better understand how to achieve my goals. I love the Skakeology shakes that she introduced to me. In addition to giving me extra nutrients; they fit it to my busy schedule, and helped me to lose weight and gain energy.

Since beginning my program with Renee I have noticed an increase in my energy AND confidence.  I feel empowered to take the best possible care of myself, because now I actually know how! 

Randee Kelly, 31
Atlanta, GA


My main goals in working with Renee were to learn to eat foods that are suitable for me and normalize my digestive tract.  Renee was a very dedicated, compassionate, and thorough coach; and she gave me a list of foods to eat in order to have a healthier stomach.  Since working with Renee, my digestion and bowel movements have normalized- a big improvement. Renee has been a blessing, guiding me in the direction of good health.

Vernon, 85
Marietta, GA


Renee is extremely knowledgeable, personable, and a great motivator. She was very helpful and supportive of my efforts to incorporate clean eating, Shakeology shakes, portion control, and overall healthier choices.  My goals in working with Renee were to lose fat, gain muscle, and improve my eating habits while traveling for work. Since I have changed my diet, I have noticed that I have more energy, my digestion has improved, and I have lost 10 pounds!

Brian Shibley, 46
Atlanta, GA


Renee is a very passionate person who practices what she preaches and gains satisfaction from her clients’ successes. Her motivation is infectious; so much so that it will make you dedicated to make changes in your own life. 

When I started working with Renee, my goal was to lose weight, feel better, and improve my appearance.  I have applied her knowledge to my every day decisions and have incorporated Shakeology shakes into my diet regime.  My attutide towards food and nourishment has changed, and I can see the difference in my body. I am losing weight and I have gained so much motivation.

I would recommend Renee not only to anyone who needs help with diet and exercise, but also to anyone who needs a good friend.  As a coach, Renee is honest and down-to-earth, and will be there to get you back on track if you deviate from the “plan”. So, be ready to work and the results will follow!

Blase Licce, 48
Dallas, TX


When I started working with Renee, I had several health concerns. First, I wanted to learn how to select healthier foods, but also learn healthier cooking techniques to prepare healthier meals. Additionally, I wanted to improve my quality of sleep and learn more about heart health, based on my family history of heart disease.

Renee truly gave me a new perspective on clean eating. She not only advised me on how to make healthier choices a home; but also how to make better choices when traveling, at work, or during a fun night out. She created a meal plan that was specific to my goals and she taught me meal prepping techniques that were easy to incorporate into my busy lifestyle.  Lastly, Renee gave me heart healthy recipes and tips to enjoy food, while sticking to my clean eating weight loss goals.

Since I began working with Renee, I have lost weight and have been able to maintain a healthy BMI.  I have noticed a dramatic increase in my energy levels and my quality of sleep has significantly improved.  Being able to sleep better has made me much happier, and completely changed my perspective on life.

Although Renee has always maintained true professionalism, I consider her a friend based on her personal investment in helping me reach my goals.  She has offered me constant, unwavering support; and I have never felt judged by her, even in my weakest moments.  Renee’s positive outlook is contagious, and I aspire to emulate many of her wonderful characteristics.  I feel very fortunate to have been introduced to her program and for the opportunity to work with such a caring individual with a true passion for helping others.

If you are looking to make positive changes in your overall health and wellness, I highly recommend working with Renee as your coach.

Carrie Hemsing, 35
Atlanta, GA


When I started my 6 month program my  goals were too eat fewer and healthier carbohydrates, eat more fruits and vegetables, and gain the ability to get my blood sugar into a healthy range.  Renee helped me by providing recipes and menu plans for my meals & snacks, and by creating an attainable daily exercise plan for me.  As a coach, Renee was very well prepared and knowledgeable about nutrition and diabetes. Her delicious, healthy recipes have helped me feel so much better, and in just 3 months I was able to drastically lower my blood glucose level.

Renee’s recipes and recommendations have made a huge difference in my overall health, and I would recommend Renee to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle.

Jennifer McBride, 39
Type 1 Diabetic for 6 years